14 Adesemoye_AOTony Adesemoye’s research interest is soil-borne pathogens and integration of biological control with other plant disease management methods. Studies include the survey and biology of soil-borne pathogens of field and vegetable crops and host-microbes interactions involving three major components of host-pathogen-biocontrol agents. His research focuses on the functionalities of Bacillus plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) in enhancing crop growth promotion, management of crop diseases, plant nutrient use efficiency, and helping in crop survival under other stress conditions caused by levels of water, salt, and pests. Adesemoye is currently studying two pathogens – Macrophomina phaseolina and Fusarium spp. across multiple crops and their biocontrol but hopes to include many other pathogens long-term. His extension activities include monitoring plant pathogens across limited water use cropping systems and participation in service and information delivery (e.g., field days) to the clientele.

petersonJulie Peterson is an Entomology Extension Specialist located at the West Central Research & Extension Center in North Platte. Her program addresses the ecology and management of agricultural pests with an emphasis on practical applications for integrated pest management and resistance management in field crops. Current research projects address a variety of topics, including finding biological control tools against western corn rootworm and western bean cutworm pests. Research supports extension programming to develop proactive educational programs in IPM of arthropod pests of field crops grown in west central Nebraska.



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