Take all disease of wheat

Hi all,

I had a number farmers reporting diseased wheat in fields at harvest time. Specifically, darker colored wheat plants and empty wheat heads. These symptoms may be mistakenly identified as loose smut, seed borne disease – which is controlled during wheat seed certification process, and with fungicide seed treatments. If this is your common management practice, probability of having loose smut is 99.99%! I would not neglect possibility of this disease in your field if you planted bin-run seed that was not treated.

This is more likely TAKE ALL disease that was pretty common this year due to wet spring. If you try to dig the pant out, it would have damaged or no roots and lover stem will be dark in color (see 3rd picture below). It showed on both certified and bin-run seed in our plots at Stumpf Wheat Center near road ditch that had standing water for 2 days in spring. Plots were planted behind fallow with wheat stubble in it.

Disease is residue-borne more likely to be present in wheat-fallow rotations, and wet areas of the field (low drainage, compaction, heavy-textured soils). Wheat dies prematurely, so it appears white during grain fill period (instead of being green) and back at harvest (instead of being yellow/gold). Pathogen also survives on downy brome and other grassy weeds that may be in in ditches. Disease has potential to wipe out the whole field.

For management do rotate your wheat with corn, sorghum, peas, etc., give residue time to break down, and control grassy weeds!

Glad to see a lot of good wheat around! Not so glad to see discounts at the elevator! Learn to live by faith or die!


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