Crop report May 27

Precipitation of 3.5 inches in April plus additional 7 inches in May are both blessing and obstacle for farmers SW Nebraska.


Both dryland and irrigated wheat is heading and in good condition with soil moisture ranging from 20-40% of allowable soil water depletion. To my knowledge, there is no stripe rust in wheat fields but fungicide treatment is recommended to protect the flag leaf from stripe rust, Fusarium Head Blight (scab) or other infestation that may occur if temperatures increase in following weeks. Fungicide treatments for wheat can be found here.


Corn planting is 80% done and most of the fields are at V1 stage or emerging. Emerged corn looks chlorotic due to cloudy weather and little sunshine available in past week. Some seedling diseases are present. Rooting black tissue is observed above growing point, so there is no need for drastic measures at this point. Fields are muddy and in cases where weeds are growing out of optimal herbicide applications (6 inches and higher), timely areal applications might be both efficient and economical.

Ideal time to control kochia with residual pre-mix preemergence hearbicides (Lumax, Lexar, Acuron, Fulltime NXT, etc.) that can be mixed with burndown or selective post-emergence herbicide for season long kochia control (dicamba and glyphosate based products).

Seedling diseases in emerging corn
Muddy fields might be an obstacle in timely herbicide applications


Rushian thistle and kochia seedlings

Other crops and pastures

Soybean planting started on irrigated acres and is about 20% done. Grain sorghum planting is close to being done on irrigated and is just getting starting on dryland acers. Field peas and potatoes that got planted in March and April are loving current growing conditions (see pictures). Early season grazing started on the pastures, beautiful sight!

 IMG_3390 IMG_3387

Field peas variety plots and nodulation of 4-leaf field peas in Perkins County, NE

IMG_3453 IMG_3451

Potato field and potato plant at Chase County, NE


Spring grazing started on pastures

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